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Students typically have a quiz each week (usually on Thursday or Friday) and have an opportunity to re-take any quiz within one week of the time of taking the quiz, but do have to complete remediation work on the standard to be eligible to do so. The remediation ensures that students have corrected any misconceptions or gaps to ensure they will perform better on the re-take.

Class Information  

This is the site where you will find information as to what is happening in 7th grade science. In the file manager section you will find notes, podcasts, and additional practice sheets based on the unit we are on. The weekly schedule will show what we are planning for each day during the week. The assignment tab will show when vocabulary, choice boards, or other items are due.


The website which was used earlier in the year will be used soon as we wil be adding technology to the classroom that will allow students to work on this site during class time in the near future.


Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, best form of communication is email at

Class Youtube channel with video podcasts at